*EUR was On the Scene at the Los Angeles premiere of “Entourage” starring Jeremy Piven, Adrien Grenier, and Mark Wahlberg, which is in theaters now.

“We’re just regular guys, living a dream,” shared Wahlberg, who’s also a producer of the film. “We are normal guys living in an extraordinary world trying to figure it all out.”

Mark Wahlberg at 'Entourage' premiere

Mark Wahlberg at ‘Entourage’ premiere

EUR: Which character from “Entourage” are you most like?

Wale: Ari, he’s a f***ing jerk! Ari and Turtle! I like Turtle because he holds his man down. He knows what we go through!

Piers Morgan: I feel an affinity with Jeremy Piven’s character. When I used to run a newspaper, I was probably as barbaric as Ari Gold from time, to time.

Wale at "Entourage" premiere

Wale at “Entourage” premiere

Piers Morgan at "Entourage" premiere

Piers Morgan at “Entourage” premiere

Jeremy Piven: My life is the antithesis of someone like Vincent Chase. I wasn’t a pretty boy that was discovered in a mall, I was a stage actor that grinded it out, until he was in his mid-thirties, before I got a shot to show a larger audience, what I’m capable of doing.

Sevyn Streeter & B.o.B. at 'Entourage' premiere

Sevyn Streeter & B.o.B. at ‘Entourage’ premiere

Sevyn Streeter: Every character represents somebody in your entourage you can relate to. I feel like B.o.B. is my Vincent (Adrien Grenier) and I have a cousin or a friend for every other member of the “Entourage.”

Rudy Gay: I’m the Vincent Chase of my entourage … I’m the coolest.

Wesley Matthews: I gotta go with Ari and Drama. Drama is just always comedy, he’s always ready to throw his two cents in.

Donovan W. Carter & Jazmyn Simon at 'Entourage' premiere

Donovan W. Carter & Jazmyn Simon at ‘Entourage’ premiere

Jazmyn Simon: Obviously, Vincent Chase! You’re Turtle, Donovan.

Donovan W. Carter: For sure! He’s just low key and wants to have fun, I’m that guy.

EUR: What do you and your “Entourage” do when get together and hang out?

Wale: Smoke weed everyday! No, no we write. We are ambitious, we are trying to make something happen. There are a lot of similarities between myself and the “Entourage” cast.

Rudy Gay at 'Entourage' premiere

Rudy Gay at ‘Entourage’ premiere

Rudy Gay: We just sit around and crack jokes on each other.

Sevyn Streeter: We eat a lot! I’m greedy!

B.o.B.: I medicate!

Wesley Matthews at 'Entourage' premiere

Wesley Matthews at ‘Entourage’ premiere

Wesley Matthews: Play video games, talk stupid and make fun of each other.

Jazmyn Simon: Eat! Everything we do revolves around food.

Donovan W. Carter: Hang out, talk and just joke around.

EUR: Have you ever eaten at Mark Wahlberg’s restaurant Walburgers or watched the TV show?

Piers Morgan: I haven’t eaten at Walburgers but I had a Walburger at Mark Walhlberg’s house, when he put on a screening of the movie!

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