lisa nicole & heavenly kimes

(L-R) Lisa Nicole Cloud and Heavenly Kimes at NY Hotel in Financial District. (Photo: MMoore)

Season 3 of Bravo’s “Married to Medicine” kicks off this Sunday, June 7 at 9pm E/P and temperatures are at an all time high.

Cast members Lisa Nicole Cloud, Toya Bush-Harris, Heavenly Kimes, Quad Webb-Lunceford, Jaqueline Walters and Simone Whitmore assume positions and paramedics are on alert.

Cloud and Kimes were in New York recently and spoke with EURweb associate Marie Moore.

With so many reality TV shows out there, what makes “Married to Medicine” stand out?

HEAVENLY KIMES: I think the great thing about this show is that we’re all really married. We show the realness of ourselves and we give you truth. Not only that, our show has a clinical aspect. We also give back to the community. They show me actually doing dental procedures. They show some of the physicians actually doing OBGY procedures. Plus, we’re actually married for real and we show the difference in that.

NICOLE CLOUD: This show is really a show about real women, real issues, and real life drama. We share with the world some of our triumphs, and we also share with the world some of our tribulations.

But what about the bitching and fighting, do you need to go there?

KIMES: Well, we don’t have to go there and a lot of it we did not go there. For the most part, we did positive things. We helped with the American Red Cross and we did mission work in the Bahamas. I did dental procedures on victims of domestic violence we show all of that on the show. Now the drama part, they put it in because that’s what the people want.

Married to Medicine cast members

Married to Medicine cast members

CLOUD: As you know, I’m the founder of the Women’s Empowerment Network so—

HEAVENLY: That’s why we’re here.

CLOUD: I’m all about uplifting women, supporting each other, collaboration, and sisterhood. One of the reasons I decided to do reality TV is to be a different light in that space because it can sometimes be dark.

HEAVENLY: We’re showing that black women can work together. There is so much more positive stuff going on in this show.

NICOLE: A lot of times when we’re interviewed, they  will say something about the negativity and the drama of reality TV. But producers have a job and their job is to create TV and entertainment that you will watch. So as a audience, if we don’t want to see all of that all the time, we have a responsibility to comment when we see things that we don’t like.

We have a responsibility to comment when we see things that are positive. Most of the time people comment on the negative but they don’t comment on the positive things. They don’t comment on the mission work that we do. They don’t comment on the Women’s Empowerment Network. We’re here in New York City for the Women’s Empowerment Network, which is a conference about uplifting women, helping women to go to new levels of success personally, professionally, financially and spiritually. We’re also here for Fashion For a Cause in which I bring the world of fashion, which is my world, and philanthropy together for a medical mission to Haiti.

Married to Medicine” Season 3 kicks off on Sunday, June 7 at 9pm E/P on Bravo!

Syndicated Entertainment journalist Marie Moore reports on film and TV from her New York City base. Contact her at [email protected]