empire (lucious makes toast with family)

Billion dollar lawsuits are funny – like a comedy with a tragic ending. Ya know, about as funny as someone kidnapping NASA’s top engineers and holding them hostage until they build a time machine. Let that simmer for a sec. Kinda funny, mostly tragic.

Ron Newt doesn’t want a time machine, he wants 1 billion dollars from the Fox Network because he’s convinced that its hit show “Empire” is based on his life.

Funny, I gotta feeling this won’t end well for dear ol’ Ron.

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports that Fox is blasting the lawsuit filed by the self-proclaimed “gangster” – demanding the entire legal battle be dismissed.

Newt filed a federal lawsuit against Terrence Howard, Lee Daniels and Fox, accusing them of ripping off his life story for “Empire.”

Ron – a friend of the Jackson family – claims the show mimics his life as a “gangster, pimp and drug deal” … who even calls himself a known “ghetto player” in his world.

He also claims he met with Terrence in LA to talk about Ron’s documentary titled “Bigger than Big” … which Terrence saw and wanted to play Ron in the feature film adaptation.

Ron later saw “Empire” and immediately realized it was a knock-off of his life, with episodes showing 4 drug dealers being killed at once, a long-time friend being shot, the main female going to jail for drugs and then being released, and various other similarities he claims in his court documents.

In addition to the 1 billion dollars he seeks, Ron wants the network to stop airing or producing the series. Ha!

On May 22nd, Fox fired back – explaining that Ron doesn’t own a copyright to his story or the documentary and therefore has no case. The network said even if the similarities between the two exist, he still doesn’t own the rights to his own work, and are demanding the lawsuit be thrown out and Ron be awarded ZILCH!

Meanwhile, “Empire” returns to Fox on Sept. 23.