*A Washington state high school has stopped handing out yearbooks after controversy erupted over a photo in which a girl is either wearing too much bronzer or she’s rockin’ blackface, which many accused her of doing.

“It got posted all over Twitter and it sparked a huge, enormous argument,” said freshman student Andre Stepanov at Shorewood High School.

The picture was posted along with the caption, “Do you think this is my color?”

“Nah it ain’t your color STOP DOING BLACKFACE,” replied a Twitter poster.

The girl in the photo has since come forward with several tweets explaining the picture, saying it was meant to make fun of a bad tan from a tanning salon and was not meant to be racist.

“She was just snapchatting back and forth with her friend and put a whole bunch of Claire’s bronzer on,” said junior Trevor Corwin. “It wasn’t meant to be offensive.”

Shorewood High School yearbook photo

Shorewood High School yearbook photo

Still, many are saying the picture was in bad taste and should not have been included in the yearbook.

“Just because it may not be offensive to you, it still may be offensive to other minority groups,” said Melen Ghebrai, a sophomore at Shorewood and member of the Black Student Union.

The school stopped handing out yearbooks after the criticism and issued a statement saying that it was sorry adult yearbook supervisors didn’t catch the photo before it was included in the publication.

“It’s clearly hurtful,” said Craig Degginger of Shoreline Schools. “That image should not have been included in the Shorewood High School yearbook.”

The backlash against the student has become harsh, with some alleging she’s been receiving hateful messages. “There have been some pretty mean comments. Some people have actually been telling her to go kill herself,” junior Case Macklin said.

In an attempt to defuse tensions, administrators say they plan to replace the picture with a sticker of an alternative image in yearbooks that have not been distributed. Students that received the original batch of books will be allowed to turn them in so a faculty member can apply the sticker for them.

Peep the video report below.

What do you think, is the photo offensive or can a girl live?