lisa leslie & chet haze

Lisa Leslie & Chet Haze

*As expected, Chet Haze has triggered a lot of outrage over his use of the N-word.

And you can put Lisa Leslie among the folks he’s offended.

Chatting with TMZ Sports, the WNBA icon let it be known that “the real homeboys” could have a real problem with Haze and his use of the N-word. So much so that he might wanna watch his back.

Since news surfaced about Haze and the N-word, the white rapper and son of actor Tom Hanks, has been trying to justify using it while stating that it’s not about race. Instead, Haze feels it’s “”about the culture you identify with.”

Before getting her warning in to Haze, Leslie voiced her personal opposition to the N-word, saying, “It’s really unfortunate that it’s a word that’s hung around for 200 years plus.”

To see Leslie’s response to Haze’s use of the N-word, check out the video below: