lady with natural hair

‘I keep my low-maintaince tapered ‘fro intact with weekly washes and then it’s just moisturize, fluff, and go! Let your ‘fro be the boss.’ – @MelissaChanel

*Surely you’ve noticed the hordes of black women who have decided to let that perm grow out of their hair and go au naturale. All the sista’s who said they would just try wearing their hair natural to ‘see how it goes’ and never went back because…

Apparently, it went well.

Black women choose to sport their natural hair for all kinds of reasons. Whoopi Goldberg once said the reason she wears her hair natural is because she’s too lazy to do anything else with it.

Some women sport the ‘do’ to enunciate their sense of Black Pride. And others just wear their natural hair, just because they can.

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