queen latifah (green top)

*In the wake of the Ray Rice elevator incident, The national discussion about domestic violence has been elevated. And that’s something that hits home with Queen Latifah.

She talked about her hands-on experience dealing with domestic violence within her family. She spoke about a cousin’s  abusive  relationship.

And she vividly rapped about the impact of domestic violence in one of her biggest hits, “U.N.I.T.Y.” 20 plus years ago in 1993 when the subject was so relevant.

“Twenty (two) years ago I wrote the song ‘U.N.I.T.Y.’ about disrespect and violence towards women,” she said.

And unfortunately domestic violence is still very relevant today. She said domestic violence knows no race or class and impacts every part of society. She continued to talk about that song’s relevance.

“That entire second verse of that song was written about my cousin who was in an abusive relationship with her husband, and my brothers and my cousins pretty much had to rescue her from that relationship,” she said.

She added, “but she did get out of that relationship. And so, today I wish I didn’t have to talk about that song. I wish the message in that song wasn’t even relevant today. But it is.”

Watch the clip from the now cancelled Queen Latifah Show below where she discusses the issue: