lester holt

*More and more it looks like Lester Holt is going to be the permanent host/anchor of “NBC Nightly News.

Originally Holt was supposed to be a sort of stop-gap for six months or until the execs at NBC could figure what to do about Brian Williams who was suspended for false reporting.

However, it’s looking like Williams is not likely to return once his suspension is over. According to a CNN Money report, negotiations between the powers that be at NBC and Williams’ attorney are focused on two potential paths: a new role for Williams, or an exit from the network.

Either path leaves Holt in the anchor chair — unless NBC surprises everyone and risks destabilizing the newscast by appointing a new anchor. (Calling that scenario exceedingly unlikely is an understatement.)

So Holt, through the worst of circumstances, is stepping up to one of the best jobs in television journalism.

Meanwhile the article says Holt and his producers have no idea what will happen with Williams and, by extension, with him, according to NBC staffers who spoke on condition of anonymity.

But if we’re reading our tea leaves correctly, again, it looks like Lester is going to be the man. After all, the network’s suits could have signaled that Williams is coming back — but they haven’t.

You read the rest of this story at CNN Money.

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