*EURweb sat down with Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham to talk about their new comedic film ‘Spy,’ in theaters June 5th.

EUR: In real life, what would your SPY name be?

Melissa McCarthy: Mine would be Suzy Van Dyke!

Jason Statham: Mine would be Jasper Edward yeah.

Melissa McCarthy: That’s a good spy name. Or you should write fiction, that’s a good author name!

Miranda Hart & Rose Byrne

Miranda Hart & Rose Byrne

Miranda Hart: There’s a game…where you use the name of your first toy and your mother’s maiden name…I can’t say it…Mine would be Box Loose!

Rose Byrne: Mine would’ve been…Kitty Pailthorpe!

Paul Feig: If I was going by the spy formula, it would be Turza Hancock!

Melissa McCarthy in 'Spy'

Melissa McCarthy in ‘Spy’

EUR: Paul Feig (Director/Writer) said females are better spies than males, do you think that is true?

Melissa McCarthy: We listen and we can feel out people’s emotions. We are a little more intuitive, so I that kind of helps.

Jason Statham: I would agree with that. Females are certainly not as clumsy as us chaps. Yeah, yeah and but a bit more subtle.

Miranda Hart: That’s what we officially do…it’s official! It makes sense because females have had to lie to circumnavigate men all their lives.

Melissa McCarthy, 50 Cent & Jude Law on the set of 'Spy'

Melissa McCarthy, 50 Cent & Jude Law on the set of ‘Spy’

EUR: 50 Cent makes a cameo in the film. What was it like working with him?

Miranda Hart: Curtis as we like to call him now. I like to say he’s my future husband, Curtis. He was great! He was really charming and up front. The first scene I had to do, was tackling him to the floor, so that was quite interesting.

Paul Feig: Oh my god! My good friend Curtis, he’s the greatest! He’s hilarious, he loves comedy and he’s willing to just go for it. He was the most supportive and wonderful person.

'Spy' film poster

‘Spy’ film poster

EUR: It’s rare to see a female focused spy movie. What do you think is Hollywood’s hang up, about films with female leads?

Paul Feig: They just get nervous about it and I don’t know why. Women are half the population of the world. So why would it be an issue. I know there are concerns that foreign markets won’t accept the films, but let’s just break that rule and let’s break those walls down and let’s just get funny ladies out on the screen.

Paul Feig

Paul Feig

EUR: You all have great comedic chemistry, how silly did it get while shooting and was there a lot of ad-lib?

Melissa McCarthy: There’s a lot of stuff at the club that was pretty funny! I wonder if it will make it on the DVD, because there was a lot more fighting and wrestling.

Paul Feig: I always love when Melissa and Jason are working together. There’s the scene in the club (in the extended cut) where there having this fight on the dance floor, and they actually start rolling on the ground. It just delights me to know that Melissa and Jason were rolling around on the ground.

Miranda Hart: There was a lot of silliness with Paul Feig! We were improvising a lot. He’ll give you an attentive line and you don’t know what the other person playing opposite you knows, so they’ll break character. I got the giggles when Rose was calling us various names, when me and Melissa were on the couch in the Four Seasons.