*”How far can a teacher go to help a student?”

Tatyana Ali is shedding light on the education crisis, in her new film, “Teachers,” set to screen at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

“I was interested in doing this film because it poses an interesting dilemma: how far can a teacher go to help a student?” Stated the former “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” star. “And where are the lines, especially when poverty is involved? My character has a real affinity for her student and goes out of her way to help her.”

tatyana (teachers)

Tatyana Ali in ‘Teachers’

“Teachers” explores the complications and realities of high poverty education in the United States, by capturing the difficult and emotional experience educators face, when dealing with students with troubling situations.

“I’m blessed to have had amazing teachers,” exclaimed the actress. “There was Mrs. Howard in the 3rd grade, Portia Adams and my other tutors on “The Fresh Prince.” My high school Intro To Philosophy teacher, Dr. Hvolreok, and my college counselor…without him, I would not have gone to Harvard.”

jordyn barber

Jordyn Barber in ‘Teachers’

The actress and education activist plays Ms. Faith Mayfield, a high school social studies teacher. The driven and exhausted educator has a student (Jordyn Barber) who has repeated the 10th-grated twice and unless she passes her final exam, will be held back again. Anxious and unnerving, Ms. Mayfield, attempts to instill passion and motivation into education, though she discovers the students struggles are a direct result of her looming family responsibilities.

“Teachers” is a short film developed through Film Independent’s Project Involve Program. The program is Film Independent’s signature diversity program dedicated to cultivating the careers of filmmakers from communities traditionally underrepresented in the industry.

Written by Jason Park, and directed by Mark Columbus, “Teachers” will screen at the Los Angeles Film Festival through Film Independent’s Project Involve Program on June 11th.