taye diggs*Could there be a sex tape of Taye Diggs that folks don’t know about?

According to a video model who supposedly has the goods on the actor, that looks to be the case.

BET.com reports the  mystery model took to Instagram to threaten Diggs with the release of the tape while blasting his character, sexual prowess and divorce from “Frozen” star Idina Menzel. Adding to all this is some footage the model uploaded on Friday (June 5) on the Instagram page chankeong3 that shows the entertainer fully clothed in a comfortable position on a bed.

As the clip played, Diggs can be heard saying, “That’s my s**t” to something on his phone while lying back. BET notes that Diggs doesn’t seem to be aware that he’s being recorded.

In addition the site mentioned that the reason for the model’s release of the clip and her threats is also mystery. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop her from posting the following message with threats of releasing a sex tape with her and Diggs as well as his phone number, address, and details of his alleged drug use:

“Taye Diggs…don’t u dare m***********g play with me and bring me outta character. I don’t care how much money u give me..u will not disrespect me b***h,” she wrote in the caption. “With ya little a*s d**k. I will air out this entire video piece by piece of u licking both me and my b***h p***y and ur f*****g number if u don’t get ya s**t right. Don’t make me put out all 7 parts of this video b***h. Act dumb if u want to. I have footage of u on all kinda drugs, and sucking on my c**t h*e. I never air out any celebrities I f**k with but n***a u tried it. I will end u. Let’s let the world know why ur divorce really came to a f*****g end. I’m drunk and not in the mood for b******t. How many nights we spent in dream hotel? Or do u need me to display ur address in lower Manhattan. foh. f**k u taye dumb a*s diggs…I should get ya a*s beat like u looked in The Best Man.”

Pretty raw, huh? Sounds like she means business. Before you get officially taken in, it’s worth noting that the model fell back on what she said a few hours after she put Diggs on blast. Here’s the retraction she posted on Instagram:

“Excuse my behavior. Y’all just made my own dad call me and he’s a pastor. I hate y’all.”

If you’re still confused on what happened, this may or not help. BET referenced a screenshot chankeong3 recently posted that highlighted media coverage generated by her situation with Diggs.

“I never tell on any celebs at alllll…but he violated me. So f**k him,” the model said in a caption that appeared with the screenshot.

So what’ the verdict on this? Do you think this model has something legitimate on Diggs or is she just blowing a lot of hot air?

Weigh in below.