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*Really, Harden? You’re gonna deny the Based God? Bad move.

TMZ paps spotted Houston Rockets guard James Harden outside nightclub 1 OAK in Los Angeles Tuesday night, where he was asked about the Based God Curse.

In case you missed it, last month, Lil B cursed Harden for stealing his signature “cooking dance,” – a move that has resulted in the Rockets getting crushed by the Golden State Warriors.

Of Harden’s thievery, B said, “He’s cursed for the rest of the playoffs and further notice until he speaks on what dance celebration he’s doing and where it comes from.”

Harden has maintained that the dance comes from a Houston-area rapper. He also claimed to have zero knowledge of Lil B or his infamous curse, twice denying TMZ’s inquests. “I don’t even know what happened,” he said. “I don’t even know who that is.” (peep the video below)

Lil B responded to the diss – threatening to UP THE CURSE on the NBA star. He appeared on “TMZ Hollywood Sports” Wednesday and said Harden was lying when he said he’s never heard of the rapper. “I’m extremely worried for Harden,” Lil B said.

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Well, if Harden is going to act brand new, here’s a clue for him: Lil B made a cooking dancing tutorial back in 2010. His common name is Brandon McCartney, but the Bay Area realm and his million + YouTube fans also refer to him as the Based God, aka Martha Stewart, aka Justin Bieber, aka Darth Vader, aka Paris Hilton, aka every other pop culture icon with baller status. Peep his YouTube channel (lilbpack1) for gems such as “I’m Miley Cyrus” or “I’m Mel Gibson.” (Warning: His music contains NSFW language.)

The perpetual circular wrist motion that is the cooking dance isn’t trademarked, but Lil B has made it known that he’ll curse you if you don’t give him credit.

The curse has already hit NBA stars Lebron James and Kevin Durant.

Check out Kevin’s response in the clip below.