his momma named him bruce

*After receiving a lot of backlash for posting a meme that appeared to disrespect Caitlyn Jenner’s transition from Bruce Jenner, Timbaland is speaking out to explain why he shared it.

As we previously reported, the meme is a screencap from “Coming to America,” where Arsenio Hall’s character refuses to call Muhammad Ali anything other than his birth name, Cassius Clay. “His momma named him Clay, Imma call him clay,” the character said. The meme replaces “Clay” with “Bruce.”

Backlash ensued, causing the producer to post a series of tweets on Tuesday (June 2) explaining that he only shared the meme because he found it funny – not because he felt the same way as Arsenio’s character.

He was careful to point out that he didn’t create the meme and had previously stated he has “nothing against” Jenner. Read his explanation below.