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*Its June, and families all over the country are celebrating their graduates. As many of us sit through the long, usually boring, graduation ceremony — the one that serves no refreshments; generally has no performances or “fun stuff” to break the monotony; its understandable to lose our cool when our proud student struts across the stage to get their diploma or degree.

We get to hoopin’ and hollering, saying, “You go girl!” “Get that paper, boy!” “We love you baby, we’re so proud!”

And then its over, right?

But wait. It’s not over? I’m being asked to leave? What…you’re serving me papers that say I could go to jail for…wait for it…cheering?

Oh hell no!

So now back to that question asked in the headline. If you had one guess, as to where this truly happened to members of several black families; where would you guess that was?

If you’re thinking Mississippi, you get a gold star!

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