WE tv

*WE tv has ordered two new reality shows featuring African American female attorneys: “Ladies of Law” and “Sisters in Law.”

“Ladies of Law” follows four interconnected New York City-based powerful and glamorous African American female lawyers who specialize in entertainment law, specifically the music industry dominated by men.

The other series revolves around a group of give African American female lawyers in Houston, Texas who have coined themselves “Sisters in Law.” The show explores the women’s shared struggles for success, as they practice civil and criminal law. “
Kim Coles serves as a producer.

“Legal dramas have long been a popular TV genre, but have not been represented in the unscripted space — until now,” said Marc Juris, WE tv’s president. “Working in concert with our production partners we actively sought to develop shows around topics that haven’t been explored, yet lend themselves naturally to great, buzzy stories and powerful characters. The very nature of ‘the law’ coupled with the intense personalities of lawyers gives us a wide range of storylines and characters to showcase. Behind each of these attorneys is a rich story waiting to be told.”

“Ladies of Law” and “Sisters in Law” go into production this summer. Both one-hour series are slated to join the cable network’s 2016 lineup.