Brittney-Griner-Glory-Johnson*Married couple Glory Johnson and Brittney Griner may have gotten the same punishment for their violent brawl from the WNBA, but according to Johnson she was the victim in the encounter.

In an interview with claimed that Griner, her then fiancé, was the aggressor. Yet despite repeated references to her being “the victim,” throughout the probable cause affidavit, it didn’t deter the league from punishing them equally.

“If I’m being fought, I’m not just gonna sit back,” said Johnson. “There’s probably a better way to handle it. But at the time … you’re just thinking of protecting yourself and doing what you need to do to stand up for yourself.”

Although she and Griner suffered minor injuries during their altercation, noted that Johnson’s injuries were numerous.

“[The WNBA] definitely knew about [injuries],” Johnson said. “And that’s another reason it surprised me that they came up with the same conclusion.

“I’m not going to throw Brittney under the bus,” she continued. “[But] what the [WNBA] did not say in the statements they released was that I pled not guilty … So for them to release a statement saying that we were both guilty in the situation, it’s not right. It’s not correct … Brittney pled guilty … Brittney understands why I pled not guilty, and I understand why she pled guilty … she was even willing to speak to whoever she needed to, to get the point across.”

Johnson’s comments come days after her and Griner were taken to jail for their April 22 confrontation as mutual combatants, with their mug shots going viral and generating headlines. The women ultimately faced the wrath of the WNBA, which hit them hard in the wallet with suspending both of them for 7 games each. SandraRose noted that the league’s actions lined up with their nontolerance of domestic violence among their mostly lesbian players.

Nevertheless, the incident didn’t dampen Johnson and Griner’s love for each other as they later married each other in an intimate ceremony attended by their single mothers.