*London’s Babs Savage has released her new video for “La La” and its World Premiere is right her on EURweb!

The “La La” music video is a short movie production made in Hollywood. The video was shot in a fun 60s comic strip style. Babs is an undercover secret agent and has the power to mesmerize you with her eyes and render her enemies powerless. Someone steals her bag, she uses her powers to get it back and finally gets to sit on her throne and receive her crown. In essence,  “La La” tells the story about loving her fans and them loving her back.

While in the US, Babs shot her music video which was directed by award-winning director and editor Iggi Ogard known for her work as director for the band “Shining” as well as promo producer/editor for Esquire and Hallmark Channel Networks. Choreographer Saye Lah (GrooveCiti) who’s worked with Missy Elliott, Jewel and Angie Stone is the video’s choreographer.

babs savage (la la screenshot)

Collaborating with Chicago’s renowned producer/entertainer Rickey Rainbow to create a sensational CD of original and soulful songs, while forming and founding the Savage Entertainment Record Label, keeps Babs involved and in-touch with all aspects of her musical productions. Rainbow has worked with R. Kelly, Mark Morrison, and received Grammy nominations for best album and producer with Reggae band Aswad.

“The “La La” song, is an inward reflection of my own love of what I do as a singer and sharing that musical pleasure with my audience,” says Babs Savage.

Her style encompasses a soulful warmth with a gravelly quality and a hint of vibrato. Her unique combination intoxicates her audience leaving them wanting more.

The single, “La La,” is currently available on iTunes and other digital outlets.

babs savage (la la cover)

About Babs Savage
Babs Savage, was born and raised in London into a family that surrounded her with music and art at an early age, forming her first band Savajazz at age fifteen, began the development for her own soulful style. Later she went on to further study her craft at the prestigious Central School of Speech and Drama in England. Currently, Babs’ band performs throughout the UK, Spain and Italy. She is also, writing a musical for stage with top choreographer Ashley Nottingham coupled with writer/novelist Helen Jacey.

Website: www.babssavage.com
Twitter: @TheBabsSavage
Instagram: Babs.Savage
BLOG: www.babssavage.blogspot.co.uk/
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