*The Internet has lost its mind over Adele’s new song “Hello,” the first single from her upcoming third album “25,” due Nov. 20.

Never mind that her hypnotic voice and emotional lyrics have fans in tears…

But the video has generated all kinds of memes since it was released last night.






Also, the fact that Adele uses a flip phone in the video has not gone unnoticed.


But generating just as many headlines as the song itself is the presence of Tristan Wilds as her love interest.

Buzzfeed today posted an entire article devoted to the actor, titled, “Everyone Is Freaking Out Over The Guy In Adele’s New Video.”

Wilds, of “The Wire” and “90210” fame, stars in the sepia-toned video as Adele’s ex…the man for whom she has crafted her epic apology ode.

A sampling of reaction on social media:


And someone answered BuzzFeed’s headline directly: