*Well of course there are numerous things we may love about being who we are.

But let’s face it, every culture or race has things that are unique to them…at least in some way.

And while we may not necessarily love everything we have been endowed with, there are some things –if we have to say so ourselves — that we’re like…’Hey, I like that. A lot!’

And these characteristics are not necessarily visible to all. Some are more intrinsic, only recognized by those who know you. And these things are not necessarily an innate part of every black personIt can also be a humanistic quality in a person that just happens to be black.

So out of a “million, trillion things” I could mention, I’ve chosen 7 things I especially love about being black me. What do you love about being black you?

I AM a natural badass!


And because of this, you won’t be able to treat me any old way and get away with it. Being intrinsically gracious and kind and knowing a hell of a lot about karma, its my killer smile that throws you off guard. And you make the mistake of taking my kindness for weakness. Because I am educated, well-traveled and spiritually-connected, I may not go ghetto on you, but hey, I can take it anywhere you want to go. Though my choice is peace. I will use my assets to craft the perfect revenge. And once you are on my radar, you are usually the first to say, “Damn. I never saw THAT coming.”

I don’t wear my race on my sleeve.

smiling black woman

I feel no need to advertise the fact that I am black. I feel no need to advertise the fact that I am black every time I reference something in the world. You already see that (or you will) just as I see you. I recognize the world as a gargantuan entityand my blackness and I are a mere patch in the quiltwork. I don’t have to do sh*t to prove my blackness to black people or validate my worth to your people. Oh I’ve seen my share of self-hating behaviors demonstrated by people wearing natural hair. I am not interested in being the loudest woman in the room or the baddest b*tch. I have and always will remain relevant. My whispers have garnered more attention. This type of freedom has taken a lot of burden off of my shoulders and as a result, I attract good people from all walks of life. And we are comfortable in each others’ presence.

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