Adrien Broner - Karlie Redd

*Boxing champ Adrien Broner pulled the plug on his “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” appearance after producers wanted him to whore it up for the cameras.

TMZ reports that Broner was slated to film a scene with his longtime friend Karlie Redd at the Playboy Radio building – where Redd just got her own radio hosting gig, but when producers wanted him to act like there was sexual tension between the two – he stormed off the set.

Broner felt betrayed and manipulated by the producers who lured him on the show under the guise that he’d be Karlie’s supportive friend (as they are in real life). As the report notes, Broner’s in a committed relationship with another woman and doesn’t want to be portrayed as a cheater.

“They tried to get me to basically belittle my wife and I can’t do that,” Broner told a TMZ photographer. “I will never… disrespect my woman.”

He also confirmed that his LHHATL cameo is dead and that he wants nothing to do with the show, especially since it’s essentially a cast of rejects anxious to revive their careers.

“Ain’t nobody on ‘Love & Hip Hop’ but some artists at the end of they [sic] career trying to boost they [sic] career back up,” Broner said, adding, “Broke models trying to get on. I’m on. We good.”

The air date for the new season of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” hasn’t been announced yet, but will most likely premiere next year following Season 6 of the original “Love & Hip Hop.”

Meanwhile, there’s a rumor that Mayweather could be returning to the ring against Broner in 2016. Word about the possible match came about when Ring TV reporter Michael Woods alleged that an anonymous source tipped him that Floyd is planning a comeback and that it will be against Broner.