Ancient American Palace

The Ancient American Palace currently classified as an 400 year old colonial church is clearly not a church and based on construction appears thousands of years old. For some unknown reason it was deliberately drowned and erased from history, when the Nezahualcoyotl reservoir was constructed. Now because of the extreme drought in Mexico it has again risen.

*The term Negro is confined to the slave African (the ancient Berbers) and their descendants. It does not embrace the free inhabitants of Africa, such as the Egyptians, Moors or the Negro Asiatics, such as the Lascars.  —- United States Act of 1740 — Section 4

Churumuco, Michoacan Mexico

Churumuco, Michoacan Mexico

All Blacks Were Not Slaves

Slave Total Per Trans – Atlantic Import. Dates: 1450 – 1900 Total 11,328,000

The Euro myth that all Blacks in the Americas came by way of the Atlantic slave trade is mathematically impossible to have taken place. Where did millions of Black people come from? America.

There were many Black and Brown people in the Americas before the Euro conquest ever began. Our history books fail to mention or identify any of theses cultures’ humanity or contributions as well as the fact that indigenous nations were here upon their arrival, and very prosperous in the mineral-rich Americas, where the streets were literally paved with gold, diamonds and precious stones.

The United States history books, teachers, professors and media, along with pop-culture films like “Twelve Years a Slave,” “Django Unchained” or the newly digitized version of “Roots,” preach only one partial storyline. An incomplete, and highly fabricated white-washed version of Black’s “A Slave Tale,” the lie that has become a matter of fact and absolute in the mind of many.

However, most of the great ancient history, culture, humanity, and contributions of this global Black Nation have been erased; a stolen-legacy, an incomplete story a dogma that states all Blacks now in America and around the world were cursed and the descendants of slaves from a jungle savage culture who needed to be saved. A helpless, primal people who needed to become civilized by enlighten, God fearing European Christians. The fact that Black people were all brought by slave catchers from England, Spain and Portugal through the Atlantic Ocean middle passage in the bottom of slave ships or are the results of runaway slaves intermixing with the Native American population is simply not true.

Nezahualcoyotl Reservoir, Mexico

Nezahualcoyotl Reservoir, Mexico

The Black Pacific Island Nations are completely written out of history. No one speaks about the contributions or culture of the first Americans or global people of color. The knowledge the Europeans were and are manipulating and blatantly changing the historical facts, fabricating an alternative history full of lies and myths in North America up until the 19th century, was overwhelming known and documented throughout the world. However, this effort too has disappeared from modern European history and the New World Encyclopedias.

Mainstream media print publications continue this constant drumbeat to perpetuate an obvious lie and rewrite of global world history. What’s being taught in schools and universities by academic scholars over the last 200 years or so has been a complete whitewashing of facts and ancient American and global history.

From the first time Europeans, Spaniard’s and other invaders yelled “Land, ho!” upon seeing a place that could only be described as paradise, an invasion and massive global cover-up of epic proportions, along with unprecedented genocide, was underway. So absolute were the methods, it is said that Adolf Hitler utilized the same playbook later to carry out atrocities against the Jews in Europe.

Halloween Story Pics 4The worldwide colonial murder of hundreds of millions of Black and Brown men, women and children, around the globe, in many cases wiping out an entire population ( Indigenous – PaleoAmericans, Native Americans, Tasmanians, Australians ) among many others, was systematic while conducting a massive global bleaching campaign to whiten and brighten the otherwise Black and Brown world population could only be described as the ultimate biblical holocaust. To make sure the matrix program of eliminating and erasing total populations off the map and out of ancient world history books and mental public physicy, was completely implemented, was necessary, so as to guarantee the fake indoctrination plan would remain in place forever.

The great secret European invaders did not want to expose was the vast wealth they obtained by taking the land and slaughtering the innocent as well as other past atrocities and invasions done in the name of God and the Pope. Further guaranteeing their global secret, an indoctrination and complex systematic scheme of religion and education, was put into place. The main focus of the indoctrination was to erase, delete and dilute the great history of our global ancient Black Nations who occupied Africa, the Pacific, Atlantic and the Americas along with many other Indigenous – Native Nations, thousands of years before Columbus or any European arrived in America or on the world stage.

Camigin, Philippines

Camigin, Philippines

The Status of the Negro, His Rights and Disabilities

South Carolina, United States Act of 1740

Section 1

All Negros and Indians ( Free Indians in amity with the Government, Negroes, Mulatto, or Mesitizo who are now free) to be slaves – the offsprings to follow the condition of the mother and that such slaves are chattels personal.

Section 2

Under the provision, it has been uniformly held that color is prima facie evidence that the party bearing the color of the Negro, Mulatto or Mestizo is a slave; but the same prima facie result does not follow from the Indian color.

Section 3

Indians and the descendants of Indians are regarded as free Indians, in amity with the Government until the contrary is shown.

Reviewing the Act of 1740, it’s very clear that all Black, Brown, and Red Native Americans, indigenous and PaleoAmerican who were not white enough to pass the degree of color test, no matter their nationality, were enslaved or killed and their land and property stolen. Something that has not been mentioned in historical documentation or any history book. Here is documented proof that the myth and fairytale we have all been fed is a premeditated lie. As documented by the United States, South Carolina Act of 1740 describe many free Black Nations here in America, including Egyptians, Moors, Asiatics, original Americans, Native – Indigoes, and Mestizo’s, among others. From the beginning, America was a Black and Brown continent thousands of years before Europeans left the caves of the Caucasus Mountains. Now that’s a fact.

The Berber Nation –

The ancient Berbers included several major groups: the Masmuda, Sanhaja, Ketama, Zenata, and Nafusa, described as dark reddish brown, Black or Ethiopians.

An ethnic culture indigenous to Northwest Africa, they are the descendants of the pre-Arab population of North Africa from the Egyptian frontier to the Atlantic and from the Mediterranean coast of the Niger River. Having lived in the area for thousands of years, their presence has been recorded as early as 3000 B.C.E.

Greek, Romans, and ancient Egyptians have verified the presence of the Berbers in their records and writing.

It was the Arabs that created the notorious myth that Berbers were the descendants of Ham, the son of Noah, who were cursed. However, historical evidence suggests this was done to justify enslavement, murder and the genocide of a total culture and population of people.

Pre Nazi Training Ground

DNA studies have shown that there is no such thing as several human races. “Buffon” in his book first used the word “race” in 1749. The first person to ever divide the so-called races on the bases of skin color, completion and ton, was German. John F. Blumenback, 1752 – 1840 A.D. He considered the Caucasian to be the original race. An anthropologist by trade, Blumenback named the “whites” after the Caucasus mountains because he thought the purest white people came from there.

Halloween Story Pics 6

Through DNA studies, science has once and for all verified that there is only one race and that is the human race that originated in Africa — the first Americans.

Relatives of the Negritos ( Andaman Association )

Malaysians Negritos

Philippine Negritos

Shompen of Great Nkobar

Moken of the Burma Coast

Vedda, Sri Lanka

Veddois, South India

Dravidian, India

Naga of India

Kuba of Sumatra

Ayome, New Guinea and others

Papuans Papua – New Guinea

Melanesians of the Pacific

Australia’s Aborigines

Khoisan of South Africa

Pygmies of Central Africa

Negritios of Japan, China

Negritos in the Americas and “Luzia”

China Black Dynasties

Xia – Shang Dynasties (c. 2205 – 1766 BCE)


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