*Not long after word broke that Anthony Mackie is “drinking the Kool-aid” regarding Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, the “Captain America” star was shredded on #BlackTwitter and became a trending topic nationwide.

While promoting his new movie “Our Brand is Crisis,” (about a political strategy team enlisted for a presidential campaign), Mackie said he’d rather run Trump’s presidential campaign than that of his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

“Trump’s an easy sell. When you look at Trump, he’s an easy sell because you can sell him as the guy who worked his way up from nothing. And I think if you’re a ‘pull yourself up by your bootstraps’ candidate, people would identify with that,” Mackie told BET. (See video above.)

Asked if this means he endorses Trump for president, Mackie said: “I’m on the bandwagon. I’m drinking the Kool-aid!”

That’s all #BlackTwitter needed to hear: