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Arkell Garves gets emotional after finding out his wife is pregnant

*Now here’s something to smile about. Heck, maybe even cry about.

After four miscarriages and one stillborn baby, chances looked slim that Arkell Graves and his wife Dana would be parents. Turns out, that went right out the window as Arkell got word that his wife had a bun in the oven.


Media sources report that Arkell found out about Dana’s pregnancy when she asked him to look inside the oven. After opening the oven door and peeking inside, Arkell found ultrasound pictures next to a bag of hamburger buns.

Realizing right away what his wife was trying to say, Arkell turned around and immediately said, “You pregnant?”

Dana answered her husband, saying that she was five months pregnant and that they going to have a boy. From there, the waterworks came after Arkell started crying before ultimately putting his shirt over his head after asking Dana to “come here.”

Footage of Arkell’s reaction was captured by Dana on her cell phone and has since gone viral. Despite their bad luck, the couple never lost hope in having a child.

Now they can rest easy now that a blessing has truly come their way.

To see Dana’s video of Arkell’s reaction, check out the video below:

For news coverage of Arkell and Dana’s good news, click on the following video: