premature baby born on cruise*A pregnant Utah woman got the surprise of a lifetime while she was on her seven-day Caribbean cruise: the baby she didn’t expect until December came on August 31. And the baby is doing just fine!

Emily Morgan’s doctor had given her permission to travel because she was having an uneventful pregnancy. She and her husband were taking the cruise to celebrate the birthday of their three year old daughter. But Morgan started to feel labor pains, which the couple initially thought was false labor.

But when they saw blood they knew medical attention was necessary and called onboard medical staff.

The Royal Caribbean cruise ship doctors had low expectations that Morgans son, Haiden, would live. They were  still 14-hours away from the nearest docking port, Puerto Rico, and told the mother to try her best to hold on, and not have the baby yet.

But that was easier said than done. “I knew the baby was coming,” Morgan said.

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