ben carson

*Ben Carson is in comedian mode on the stump.

Taking time away from discussing the issues, Dr. Carson displayed his humorous side Wednesday (Sept. 29) at a campaign stop as he joked about black kids being shot by cops.

According to TMZ, the GOP presidential hopeful was stumping in New Hampshire as he reminisced over his childhood to share a story about how he and his buddies used to throw rocks at cars and run from the police.

As he continued, Carson threw in the following footnote as he pointed out the difference between how police react now to how they were during his childhood encounter:

“That was back in the day before they would shoot you.”

Although his audience responded with laughter to Carson’s remark, the site noted that it could be seen as a risky think to say, considering the upward path he’s been taking lately in the polls.

To see Carson’s interaction with the New Hampshire crowd, check out the video below: