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*Beyoncé is all smiles today because she just won a big victory in court.

A federal judge ruled that her song “XO” was not a rip-off of another tune called, “XOXO. ” And check out why. The judge says it’s not raunchy enough like “XOXO” is.

The judge threw out the lawsuit a singer named Ahmad Javon Lane had filed against Beyoncé — accusing her of copying his tune, “XOXO.” The judge said the songs were not the least bit similar musically or lyrically … and beyond that he said the themes were also different, reports TMZ.

Judge says Lane’s song is raw and raunchy with “explicitly sexual” lyrics … such as describing himself as “horny” and loving every inch of someone. However, the judge observed that Bey’s “XO” is more tame and filled with romantic metaphors.

Meanwhile, in other Beyoncé news, when she was on the red carpet Tueday evening for the “TIDAL X: 1020” event, she was overheard lightly scolding her assistant to “stop it” as the assistant fussed over her dress, according to theGrio.

The person who is assumed to her stylist was adjusting the star’s and seemingly concerned about the amount of cleavage that the dress showed, when one photographer shouted, “Right here, Queen.”

Beyoncé looked over to the photographers, who were all snapping pictures, and grinned, telling her assistant what appears to be “stop it” before she began to pose for pictures.

The assistant quickly complied, rushing off to the side and out of the way so that Beyoncé could pose for the photographers.

Watch it all unfold (quickly) below via Instagram:

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