Cosby interviews Sofia

Bill Cosby stares at Sofia Vergara’s cleavage during his interview with her on “The Late Show with David Letterman” (March 2003)

*As Bill Cosby continues to face multiple accusations of drugging and sexual assault, another video of the comedian has surfaced and gone viral because of his exhibited behavior.

In the latest unearthed clip from, a 2003 interview between Cosby and a then relatively unknown Sofia Vergara took place on “The Late Show,” with Cosby among several hosts filling in for David Letterman while he was dealing with health problems.

The website dubbed the interview “beyond creepy.” Before it even began, Cosby moves from behind Letterman’s desk to the guest chair and stares offstage at Vergara. He can’t introduce her because he is staring so hard. The cue-card is placed in his arms and the viewers are left to read her intro.

Once Vergara takes her seat, Cosby makes note of her outfit and reveals that she makes him “excited.”

“S-I-N is sin,” Cosby says as Vergara looks on uncomfortably. “Men look at you, and they only think of sin … Now what you have on tonight is wonderful. This is wonderful. And when you walked out, many, uh, many people became attentive.”

Cosby continues, and begins to lean in closer to Vergara to speak to her.

“You make me feel young again,” he says, speaking in a Spanish accent. “You make me feel very, um, excited. Look at me.”

Watch the entire interview below: