Brandi Burnside on "The Real"

Brandi Burnside on “The Real”

*Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Godsister was a guest on “The Real” this week, discussing Bobbi Kristina’s final days in hospice and sharing her belief that BK was not ready for the plug to be pulled.

Brandi Burnside, also the newest cast member of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood,” explained that she was the Goddaughter of Bobbi Kristina’s late mother, Whitney Houston.

She and her husband, Max Lux, have opened up about their last memory with Bobbi Kristina at Peachtree Christian Hospice in Atlanta, Ga. just before she died on July 26.

“My last memory… I didn’t want it to be that.. was at hospice. I just kept telling her, we’re not going to be ending here. Like, you’re getting up. She did a lot for us. She loved my son,” she said. “When we were like ‘Krissy we brought the baby,’ and the baby was making noises and laughing and doing things and she moved. Her eyes, she did a right to the left. We were all the room.”

She added that she asked Bobbi Kristina to confirm if she could hear her by moving her eyes, which Max confirmed she did indeed do.

“And she couldn’t’ close her eye all the way, and then she moved it to the right. But that was enough for me to know that this is somebody fighting, this is somebody here. This is somebody not, you know as they say ‘vegetable gone.’ No, she wanted to live.”

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