Shaunie O'Neal

*Last Sunday night’s episode of “Basketball Wives LA” featured an explosive moment between executive producer Shaunie O’Neal and series co-star Brandi Maxiell that ended with viewers wondering if Maxiell was fired from the show.

Brandi was feeling some type of way about Shaunie’s “attitude” toward her and the women on the show, and she vocalized her displeasure, going as far as calling Shaunie a ‘B*tch’.  As The YBF reports, Shaunie politely responded to Brandi with, “Thank you for your services,” and Brandi was dismissed from the Puerto Rican island where the ladies were attempting to have a ‘bonding’ moment.

Shaunie O’Neal, Brandi Maxiell

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Soon after the episode aired, Brandi took to Twitter to defend her actions and set straight speculation about her future on the show. She explained that she believed she was in the right to confront Shaunie after their rocky season, “So don’t talk down on me I won’t do it to you. Fair is fair,” she tweeted.

While she hinted that she may have officially received the boot, writing, “I don’t care. No one is going to insult me. I don’t WORK FOR NO ONE,” she also suggested that Shaq’s ex-wife doesn’t have the power to fire her. “No shade,” she wrote, “BUT if someone had so much power I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have seen a couple ladies on our Franchise.”

In other words, Brandi says if Shaunie had as much power as she likes to flex, then several BBW stars would have been fired for their scandalous behavior.

The scene reminds you that scandal, drama and catfights drive the series, so who is Shaunie fooling with the “Thank you for your services” comment? Decide for yourself in the clip below.