Elephant and croc 1

*What a mama won’t do, to save her baby. This is no more evident than in the animal kingdom where, if you’re a fan of all those animal shows on TV, you’ll know what I mean.

An animal must always be in ‘alert’ mode for predators who will come at them from every angle. Even when they do something seemingly as innocent as getting a drink of water from a watering hole, they must use the instincts of their wisdom at the approach.

This was all too true for a mother and baby elephant who approached a watering hole and the mother, using that instinct, decided to drink first, before allowing her baby too.

And up jumps a crocodile, who proceeds to bite down on her trunk…and not let go.

That croc brought the mama elephant to her knees, and her baby is oblivious to the danger.

Elephant and croc 2

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