lamar odom

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A witness to the events surrounding Lamar Odom‘s collapse at the brothel in Nevada, outside Las Vegas is speaking out … in vivid detail.

The media director director for the Love Ranch in Crystal, Nev., Richard Hunter, told how he found the ex-NBAer in a perilous condition on Tuesday. Apparently it began when a female brothel employee called for help upon noticing that Odom was unresponsive.

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“I throw that door open and he’s on the bed on his back,” Hunter said. “Even before I get to the bed, just coming through the doorway, obviously I know something was terribly wrong because this girl was hysterical.

“I hear him snoring louder than I’ve heard anybody snore in my life. It didn’t even sound like a snore. It sounded like a train going by or something so I knew that was a bad sign.

“When I jumped up on the bed and I looked at his face he had white foam coming out of his mouth, blood coming out of his nose, some yellow mucusy stuff running down the side of his face.”

Hunter, who was one of two Love Ranch employees to speak with 911, said Odom’s condition had some similarities to the infamous scene in the Quentin Tarantino film Pulp Fiction, where a character played by Uma Thurman suffered a drug overdose.

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Odom had been at the brothel, which is licensed by the state of Nevada, since the previous Saturday and had spent much of his time in the company with two, er, escorts.

According to Hunter, a sex worker said Odom, 35, had ingested as many as 10 sexual-performance enhancement pills, known as “Reload.” The escort also claimed Odom stated he had taken “a small amount of cocaine” before he arrived at the ranch but not after he got there.