Spitting officer*Dirty rotten scoundrel.

Here’s another example of one wearing a police uniform and exalting his powers on Monday, October 12, by spitting on a man he just arrested. After the video showing the despicable act reached the Baltimore Police Department, a criminal and internal investigation ensued. 

I guess all the taunting by witnesses standing around watching as the officer identified as Sgt. Robert Mesner, a veteran of the local department, continued to follow the man he later arrested, inspired the nasty act; which was only enhanced by the witnesses calling the officer out.  

According to WBAL-TV 11 News officers had ordered several people to move off the steps of a building located on Old York Road and Rose Hill Terrace in a northeast Baltimore neighborhood called Pen Lucy.

The video shows Mesner following behind 31-year-old Alfred Evan, who is obviously irritated as the camera man continues to keep filming and tries to calm him down.  The footage also appears to show, clearly, that Mesner spit on him.

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