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*As the saying goes, if you change your mind, you’ll change your life. But sometimes, changing your atmosphere makes a world of difference.

On my FLY Life journey last week, I was blessed to go to the Bahamas. I visited both Nassau and Bimini. While Nassau, the capital and largest city of the Bahamas, is known as a popular cruise ship stop, it’s also known for its beaches and coral reefs, destinations for diving and snorkeling.

Bimini, on the other hand, is much smaller and less known. Yet it holds such significance for great writers such as Ernest Hemingway, who lived there for a while and worked on his novel “To Have and Have Not.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. also visited Bimini in 1964 and worked on his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech while there.

We took the boat ride to the exact place and with the same man who was Dr. King’s guide. This is significant for many reasons, but in this season of life, it serves as a reminder to me that sometimes God will take us down a road that appears to lead nowhere, only to use that time and atmosphere of quiet to inspire, to create and to prepare us to go somewhere, and do something that is beyond our wildest dreams.

For me, the moment that I sat on the plane to fly to the Bahamas, I could feel my mind opening up. I literally took out my phone and began to write notes ferociously. Somehow the hope and excitement of leaving from one place and going to another ignited my creative juices. My notes may not be a speech for the Noble Peace Prize, but I guarantee you that they will lead to something great.

A change in the people and places that you surround yourself with will change your perspective on life. You can’t expect something different and keep doing the same thing.

There is so much that I want to share with you about my experience in the beautiful Bahamas, so this will be the first of ongoing entries. One of the most significant lessons of my trip, which included history lessons about the Junkanoo festival, a private meeting with the Bahamian Prime Minister and fellowship and church service with the amazing Bishop Neil Ellis and his lovely wife Patrice, is that as a people, sometimes you have to go far away to reconnect to your roots. Obviously, the connection of the African diaspora speaks to this directly. But also, my soul opened up a little more as a result of getting away. I was able to see and hear from God more clearly because I removed myself from all of the extraneous noise and influences that a busy day-to-day life brings.




Deya with Bishop Neil Ellis

Deya with Bishop Neil Ellis

Deya with First Lady Patrice Ellis

Deya with First Lady Patrice Ellis

The Bible says that God will use the simple things to confound the wise. I find this to be true, because as much as we work to attain the money, status, houses and cars, nothing was more exciting for myself and my travel mates than to view, sit by or run to the ocean, to have meaningful conversations, laugh and worship God. Every single day, people pay good money to go somewhere and do absolutely nothing. Just thinking about it makes me laugh. Why do we continue to over-complicate life, only to discover that the most fulfilling experiences come from our core and our ability to connect with all that is authentic?

So here is what I encourage you to do:

Live an authentic life.

Spend time with authentic people.

Go to authentic places.  

Get away from anyone and anything that does not enhance your life.  Atmosphere is everything.



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