child left behind in daycare

*My god. This is a worse-case-scenario for any parent who pays a childcare facility to watch their child. The parent arrives to find the facility closed for the day, but their child has been forgotten inside.


But it happened. At a daycare facility we can only assume is licensed, but then again, maybe not — since a similar incident is said to have happened in the past at this same facility.

Even after the  incident, where police officers had been called by the father of a 1-year-old toddler who had been left behind, crying and crawling on the floor of the All Things are Possible for Kids daycare, the facility opened for business as usual the following day.

The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services is said to be holding an investigation.

Cornelius Jones, the child’s father, had arrived to pick her up from the daycare and found all the doors locked. But he heard his child crying inside, and called police, who broke into the place and saw the little girl crawling on the floor, crying.

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