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*Cosmopolitan has moved the Obamas out of the White house early and have proclaimed the Kardashians Americas new First Family.

In celebration of the magazine’s 50th anniversary, the publication recently unveiled the November issue, featuring the Kardashian and Jenner clan, and public reaction to the cover has been mixed.

So-basically, Cosmo said to hell with Kim’s porn past, and let’s ignore the fact that both Kim and her sister Khloe hooked up with other men while still married to another. Meanwhile, Kourtney has how many kids out-of-wedlock? We’re not judging her, we’re just saying, all this – including Kylie Jenner’s highly publicized underage relationship with rapper Tyga (she’s 18 now) – is what defines American values, according to Cosmo.  The Kardashian legacy of debauchery wrapped in a pink bow is American pride and joy.

Of the family’s success, Ryan Seacrest, executive producer of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” told Cosmo:

“No one could have predicted the Kardashians’ and Jenners’ success. But when you spend time with them, what resonates is the family unit. There are so many things about them that are glamorous, crazy, and unlike our lives, but the sense of family is universal.”

He continued,

“They love and stand by one another no matter what. Their unvarnished candor reveals how close they really are. What’s more, they present acceptance. You look at Bruce and now Caitlyn—you see the power of a family to come together when it would be so easy to fall apart. There’s comfort in viewing that steadfastness of love.”

Shortly after Cosmo revealed the cover on Twitter, the criticism was swift, with many left stunned and offended at the audacity. Check out some of the reaction on Twitter below.