Princetagram shot

Princetagram pic

*Music legend Prince has opened an account on Instagram, which, of course, he calls “Princestagram.”

The verified account, started late last week, so far features professional photos of the artist was well as meme pics poking fun at his persona – including a reference to the “Chappelle Show” skit in which he was famously played by host Dave Chappelle.


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Last year Prince joined Facebook and Twitter, but soon deleted his accounts without comment and later took down most of his music from YouTube and streaming sites.  But he’s recently come back around to the possibilities of the Internet after releasing his latest album on Jay Z’s streaming service Tidal.

His brief flirtation with social media last year coincided with a return to his old label Warner Music, where he released two albums – two decades after a dispute over his output led him to change his name to a “love symbol” and write “slave” on his cheek.

His all-female back-up band 3rdEyeGirl has nonetheless that keeps fans up to date on his shows, which Prince has been announcing of late at the last minute.

Below, a Princetagram sampling: 

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Below, in the spirit of Princetagram, an audio flashback. At a 1998 press conference in Marbella, Spain, Prince is asked why he wears heels: