*As the biggest Michael Jackson fan in the world, I always wanted to recreate that Thriller video…when I’m sober, for once.   The best annual excuse is Halloween, but for me, the iconic jacket (yes, I have one…don’t judge) and jheri curl (now THAT will require a wig!) will have to do.  Those contacts could do some serious damage, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Although selling cosmetic contact lenses without a prescription is actually illegal, they can still be found in stores and online. They are dangerous because they can scratch the cornea, which covers the iris and pupil, as well as cause ulcers on the eye, which can then lead to infection (keratitis).

The AAO warns that if THAT happens, corneal transplants and other eye surgeries might be necessary to prevent blindness.

Blindness.  So you’d go from pretending to be Michael Jackson to being Stevie Wonder.  For life.

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