green shoes - bow tie*Be part of the game, not just on the field, court or in the stands, but everywhere you go. When you wear the newest and coolest styles like your favorite athletes, you show your true allegiance. But you can’t just look the part; if you’re seen at every game and every tailgate pregame, then people know you really mean business. But how can you become the sports fan that everyone knows and loves? Here are some tips when you want to dress like the best.

NBA and Nerdy Glasses

Many NBA stars such as Kevin Durant, LeBron James and Russell Westbrook, made waves back in 2012, not for their superhuman athleticism in the NBA finals, but for their styles in the post-game press conference. These thick-framed glasses, which made their appearance, Westbrook claims, back in 2008 when he started the trend, would make any Star Wars cosplay enthusiast blush in embarrassment.

Yet NBA stars haven’t stopped there. Many of the players who sport these nerd-focals don’t have any lenses in them. “I see better without them,” Westbrook said. Many NBA stars are not only sporting these glasses before and after games, but they’ve also been seen with schoolboy backpacks, cardigan sweaters and plaid socks.

NFL and Bow Ties

Many NFL stars — for example, Cam Newton, quarterback for the Carolina Panthers; Richard Sherman, cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks; and Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady — have all sported the suit and bow tie look at one time or another. While some may question the style sense of these men, the bow tie takes itself much less seriously than the traditional tie, and let’s face it, if these men run around on a field playing a game for a living, they should have some fun while on the job.

If you can pull it off, a suit and bow tie can pay homage to your favorite player on the field or court. Plus, the best-dressed man is always a winner at tailgate parties.

Athlete Brands

In the United States, David Beckham is better known for his clothing line than for his soccer skills. His clothing line by H&M features underwear and comfortable clothes that are often revealing but made from high-quality materials that make them unmatched in wearability.

Cristiano Ronaldo might be the world’s most famous soccer player, but he also has a keen eye for fashion. Ronaldo just unveiled his fall/winter 2015 clothing line and footwear. It features casual garb as well as some higher-style dress shoes. The styles were debuted in his home country of Portugal at the International Arts Centre in Guimaraes. While this look might be more for everyday wear than it is for sporting events, support of your favorite athlete doesn’t stop when he’s off the field.

The most famous athlete product line may also be one of the oldest. Michael Jordan was in the fashion industry long before he retired. Air Jordan basketball shoes by Nike are still a hot item every season. Back in ’85 the brand featured only shoes. Since then, it has expanded to athletic shirts and shorts, socks, wrist and head bands, and much more. Michael Jordan’s name is almost synonymous with victory, and anyone wearing his kicks and tees is considered a winner.