Janet Jackson

*Janet Jackson and her team are cracking down on fans who shoot video at her shows and then post it on Instagram – doing so may result in your account being deleted, as many fans have discovered.

Page Six reports that on Tuesday, numerous fans have claimed that after posting footage of Janet live in concert, the social-media app sent them an email explaining: “a third party reported that the content violates their copyright.”

An Instagram spokesperson tells TMZ that only “repeat infringers” should’ve had their accounts deleted, but a bug resulted in accounts getting deleted that should not have been. Apparently the bug has been fixed, and IG is in the process of reinstating users who were incorrectly targeted.

“We have identified a bug that resulted in the removal of accounts that shouldn’t have been removed,” an Instagram rep said in a statement. “We have fixed the bug and are in the process of restoring the impacted accounts.”

janet warning (instagram)

One Jackson concert-goer in Los Angeles told Page Six that the morning after the concert, her Instagram account was deleted, “Without warning. Every. Single. Photo. Gone.”

Another blogger reported the same issue, claiming they had, “five e-mails from Instagram . . . about the five videos I had posted . . . It seems like Miss Jackson’s [legal] team is on fire. What a shame they don’t understand the times we live in.”

Janet’s live content is clearly not “All for You,” and if you’re a concert photographer looking to shoot Jackson’s Unbreakable World Tour 2015, you’ll have to sign over your life to do so… kinda. According to PetaPixel, photographers only get 30 seconds total to shoot, and they must agree to sign over all copyright to photos.

PetaPixel was sent a copy of the contract by an anonymous photographer, who said, “I have seen a lot of crazy contracts come my way, but this one is beyond ridiculous.”

“I’m not seeing any money from Janet Jackson’s people,” the photographer added. “Yeah I have my outlet that I work for, but that does not give them the right to take advantage of that, and strong-arm my pictures away from me for doing my job.”