Harold-Perrineau and daughter Aurora

*Pick any reason and a hater will hate. No matter what.

Instead of going toe to toe with return fire, Harold Perrineau took a different route regarding comments made about his daughter Aurora. According to BET, the actress was slammed by online haters for not being “Black enough” to play her African-American character in the film “Jem and the Holograms.”

The musical fantasy drama, based on the popular 1980s cartoon TV series, centers on the formation of a girl group and their mysterious lead singer Jem, who harbors a secret identity and becomes famous after becoming an Internet sensation. Aurora plays Shana Elmsford, the band’s bass guitarist.

Stepping in to defend his daughter, Perrineau addressed claims that Aurora is not fit to play a beloved Black character because she’s only half Black in an essay that was published on The Wrap. In his eyes, the criticism counters what should be a happy time for Aurora.

“The reason I’m so angry right now (and I’m sure that many people will be able to understand this) is that I feel like my daughter – MY CHILD – is being attacked,” the elder Perrineau writes. “She is being harshly and unfairly judged during a time when she should be relishing her accomplishments.”

As the essay continues, the entertainer makes an appeal to the haters to direct their energy to more constructive endeavors, such as creating content that better reflects them, rather than pick on his daughter.

“Can we stop looking to Hollywood to define who we are and find ways that we can define ourselves?” Perrineau asks, while expressing hope to “reach the folks writing these articles and pointing fingers at young artists like my daughter and get them to use all of that creative fire and create characters that look, sound and feel like yourselves.”

“We live in an incredibly creative time, where it may not be necessary to have big money and power to have your voices heard,” he continued. “Why not use your power there? Why not put out images you want to see for the reasons you feel are important.”

So what say you? Should the haters take a break and find something else to use their time and energy on or are they justified with their criticism of Aurora?

One fan of JEM and Holograms is TOTALLY OUTRAGED over Aurora Perrineau playing SHANA. Watch to LEARN why:

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