*1. Yuk! Recognize this? Your nails look like a pen cushion.

If your nails have little white nicks and gouges—almost like an icy surface that’s been scraped up—those “pits” may be a sign of the skin disease psoriasis. While you probably think of skin rashes and irritation when you think of psoriasis, pitted nails affect between 80% and 90% of patients with the condition, concludes a study from Dermatology Research and Practice. In fact, some people experience nail issues before there’s any sign of a skin problem, the study authors say.

2. The constant hiccups


…And they won’t go away.

Even holding your breath won’t make those hiccups disappear. If those hiccups persist for 48 hours or longer, a study from Taiwan reveals it could be a sign of lung or esophageal cancers, or stroke! Your central nervous system controls hiccupping, and brain issues and some types of cancer affect that system.

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