Former Obama supporter who now backs Trump*These days for one reason or another, President Barack Obama has a gang of non-supporters, many of whom were marked as supporters way back when.

But one disappointed supporter identified as Hoke Johnson is making noise on his own with jumping ship to fully back Donald Trump.

According to BizPac Review, footage exists of Johnson stationed outside the North Atlanta Trade Center in Norcross, Georgia rallying in support in Trump.

Judging by his passionate stance and his disappointment in Obama, Johnson looks to have become a die-hard fan of the man who currently stands as the frontrunner among the Republican presidential hopefuls.

“Obama has failed us,” the Johnson said passionately Saturday (Oct. 10). “It’s time for somebody to make a stand.”

Johnson’s anti-Obama rant comes as Trump makes a noticeable impact in Georgia, with the turnout for his appearance in Norcross estimated at 10,000.

As for the Donald’s latest supporter, BizPac Review notes that he cast his first vote ever for Obama back in 2008. Despite this, things have obviously soured with the man, who feels the commander-in-chief let him down.

“I never voted before,” the Hoke Johnson shared. “And I voted for [Obama] twice. He broke my heart.”

To see the man’s rant, check out the video below.