*After watching video of the Columbia, S.C. student being arrested inside a Spring Valley High School classroom, some people saw a child being slammed backwards in her chair by a police officer and were immediately outraged, while others felt it was necessary to know what the girl had said or done pre-takedown before passing judgment on the officer.

Surprise – CNN host Don Lemon is part of the latter group, and was called out by a guest on his own show Monday night before falling victim to Twitter.

Sunny Hostin yelling at Don Lemon on "CNN Tonight' (Oct. 26, 2015)

Sunny Hostin yelling at Don Lemon on “CNN Tonight’ (Oct. 26, 2015)

Former federal prosecutor and regular CNN analyst Sunny Hostin passionately informed Lemon that it’s not necessary to wait for “further information” before casting judgment on the officer, because the force he used to arrest the student was unnecessary.

Lemon said Hostin wasn’t in the room, so she should wait until she gets the whole story before drawing conclusions about the incident.

Watch her heated response below:

It didn’t take long for Twitter to weigh in on the exchange: