North West

*Ordinary babies who look like celebrities always prove to be a fascinating observation, and while some folks may find the Vladimir Putin look-alike baby more charming than the Gandalf baby, most agree that the John Legend baby is super adorbs. Matter fact, baby boy looks like John spit him out!

Now, a mother and grandma have discovered that their sons look like North West… which could be cute, considering that North often looks like a boy, courtesy of how her parents dress her up.

As Sandra Rose reports, Instagram blog @theindustryonblast put out a call for their followers to post pictures of North West lookalikes. The only IG users to respond so far are @lizziemorganmua and @my9lives who say their son and grandson are doppelgängers for Kim Kardashian’s daughter.

North West

No doubt there are other Nori look-alikes roaming the planet, as OK! magazine reported back in 2014 that Kanye and Kim dropped over $800,000 for a North look-alike to use as a decoy in order to protect her from the prying paparazzi. They apparently hired a body double for the baby’s nanny too.

“Kim and Kanye hired the look-alike to shield North from the paparazzi,” an insider told Grazia magazine.

“There were auditions held in LA at a specialist agency. They also hired a body double nanny, who they hope will really throw the paps off the scent,” the source added.

Meanwhile, North will be getting a baby brother soon. As previously reported, Kim is expecting her second child this Christmas, and during a visit to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” she confessed that she was considering the name Easton West for their boy, but Kanye’s not a fan of the name – so they’ll likely choose a name that’s not another direction, like South.

“It’s definitely not South,” Kim told Ellen. “Every time someone says South, I just want to roll my eyes.”