iyanla-fix-my-life-gay-pastor*Denial is a helluva thing as life coach Iyanla Vanzant has her work cut out for her with helping a Kentucky woman confront her gay husband, who is also a pastor.

The confrontation went down Saturday (Oct. 3) during an episode of “Iyanla: Fix My Life.”

Although the woman, who is named Tiffany, believed she had a strong relationship with her husband, Mitchell, she ultimate seeks outside help after Mitchell admits to her that he was gay.

Upon arriving to facilitate a healing Vanzant notices a visibly distraught Tiffany as Mitchell adds more fuel to the fire with admitting later that had multiple affairs with men during the course of their marriage.

This leads to Tiffany to ask the one question she has been grappling with for years, “Why’d you marry me?” Tiffany asked.

“I married you because I wanted you to be my wife,” Mitchell answered

At this point, Vanzant steps in to immediately check Mitchell.

“Oh, I’m just going to slap the taste right out of your mouth,” she says tells him. “Look at this woman and tell her the truth. Look at her and tell her the truth!”

Despite Mitchell’s insisting that he he is telling the truth, Vanzant isn’t having it as she shakes her head and tells him that the real truth is that he doesn’t know why he got married.

“Tell her why you don’t know,” Vanzant says.

“I mean, I wanted to be married and I thought she was a super wife for me,” Mitchell says.

“Don’t believe a word of that,” Vanzant tells tells Tiffany. “That is not true. That’s what he needs to say, but that ain’t true.”

“I just want to know, at what point did you ‘get it’ that you shouldn’t have been married?” Tiffany asks while looking directly at Mitchell, whom she married 11 years ago.

Mitchell responded, “2006.”

Vanzant brings the conversation back to Tiffany’s initial question of why Mitchell married her as she tells him, “to look at her and say, ‘I married you because I was in denial that I was gay.”

While he ended up repeating his statement in an even tone, the weight of what he just acknowledged takes its tool on Mitchel, who breaks down with tears falling down his face, shaking his head and letting out a heavy sigh.

To see a clip of the couple’s confrontation, click here:

To see Vanzant speak with Tiffany, check out the video below:

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