James Blake on ESPN's "Face to Face"

James Blake on ESPN’s “Face to Face”

*James Blake is about to run the New York City Marathon on November 1, and ESPN sat down with the tennis star to discuss his return to Manhattan, where his violent mistaken arrest in September went viral and drew a personal apology from the city’s Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton.

“I told them right away that was really nice, and I respected them for doing that and I appreciated it, but I also think it’s not enough,” he told ESPN’s Hannah Storm.

Surveillance video showed Officer James Frascatore tackling Blake outside a hotel on 42nd Street after mistaking him for a suspect. The civilian complaint review board found that he used excessive force. He is currently on desk duty and will face an administrative trial.

Blake, who committed to running the marathon before his encounter with Frascatore, said he’s not worried about all of the cops that will be lining the route.

“I’m probably gonna be pretty tired at the end, but I hope I’ll have the opportunity to shake as many hands as I can with them and thank them, because that day they’re doing tireless work.”

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