jennifer hudson - pixie

*Jennifer Hudson has been doing her thing lately… well, ever since 2006 with her Academy-Award winning performance in Dreamgirls.

But she’s recently had a resurgence in film while balancing her music career.

With all her new success, she points out people started looking at her differently since losing a lot of weight.

And she dished on it all: music, films, style and the weight loss.
She’s starred in a variety of movies over the past several years  — she played Winnie Mandela in the biopic about the South African leader, a single mother in Black Nativity and a drug-addicted absentee mom in The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete — all independent films.

“It’s all about acting. I selected films based on the roles more so than if it is attached or not attached to a studio. Independent films are more about the art. And that’s what I love about playing Winnie [Mandela] and Gloria in Mister & Pete, because they are like real characters; these are roles that I am really passionate about,” she said.

Not only is she doing her thing in film right now, but her style has been on point!

“Between the weight loss transition, then the short hair cut, the newness of it all makes you want to experiment with yourself. Before, being a plus-size girl, there was not much out there for us to choose from,” she said. “Now, being on the slimmer side, it gives you room to experiment. I have a new image and new hairstyle and it’s like, “who is this girl?” I wanted to confuse you!”

She’s gone through quite the transformation, but it hasn’t all been easy.

“People are never going to be satisfied with you either way. Skinny or heavy, someone is always going to have something to say, so it’s best to be how you want to be. People say, “Oh, you were better heavy,” or “I like you better thick,” and I say, it’s not about you,” she said.

Nevertheless, she doesn’t let the haters stop her!

As for music, that’s her first love and she’s had some of the most important performances of the past several years from the Grammys to Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson tributes to the 2008 Democratic Convention.

“I welcome it, I do. It’s always a dream of mine. I think it is the greatest honor. It’s not an easy place to be in, not in today’s music. I get so frustrated. I’m like, “Whitney help me! Aretha, where are you people?” But honestly, it’s such a great honor,” she said.


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