Karrueche-Tran*Karrueche Tran’s gig hosting at a London nightclub brought racial overtones on her as she catching flak for doing her job at the racist venue.

According to Vlad TV, Tran was confronted by protesters while waiting for entry into DSTRKT (pronounced District) restaurant and bar to begin her hosting job on Wednesday (Sept. 30). A video of the encounter features repeated shouts of “shame on you” at the model from people who saw her label DSTRKT’S handling of four black women on Saturday (Sept. 26) as “unfortunate” during an appearance on a UK show early Wednesday morning.

The nightspot has been on the racist radar after news surfaced regarding complaints from several women about the highly-publicized club’s racist “tests.” Monday’s incident involved four black women who arrived at DSTRKT and were told to stand against a wall and have their picture taken in order to get the green light to enter by the door girl. Turns out, the women were quickly turned away for not being “good looking enough.”

the promoter, a guy naned Daniel, who had been in contact with one of the women (Lin Mei) prior to their rejection, started texting Mei after they were turned away. Reports say he slammed her for attempting to bring her “overweight” black friends into DSTRKT.

“It’s unfortunate to hear about something like that especially something that I’m part of. I’m half African-American, too,” Tran stated on the TV show about what happened to the women. “I have God-sisters and family who have darker skin as well. I don’t support any sort of discrimination. I love people for who they are.”

Needless to say the protesters at DSTRKT were not buying Tran’s opinion. So much so that one guy  brought up the aspiring actress’ ex, yelling, “I think that’s why Chris Brown left her!” as she went inside. ”

To see footage of the protesters, check out the video below: