Khloe-Kardashian-Lamar-Odom*Despite taking steps to officially split from Lamar Odom, Khloe Kardashian is still married to the former LA Laker as he reportedly fights for his life while lying in a coma.

TMZ Sports cites “an extreme backlog in the family law courts” that has delayed the couple’s divorce from becoming final for at least two more months. Last July, Kardashian and Odom both signed documents to end their marriage. Although she filed for divorce in December 2013, Kardashian didn’t move forward with it for more than a year and a half.

According to TMZ, the delay partly stemmed from her desire to save her marriage to Odom. With them still being married, the site noted that Kardashian, who arrived at the hospital hours Tuesday night after Odom was admitted is able to make medical decision for Odom and has already made several of them.

While things look shaky for Odom in the hospital, the sports and reality TV star could be facing another serious situation related to his current ordeal. TMZ Sports reveals that it’s “distinctly possible” Odom will be prosecuted if the police determine that he did have cocaine days before he lapsed into an unconscious state at the brothel he was at before he was taken to the hospital.

The site referenced a previous story it ran about someone at the brothel telling a 911 dispatcher that Odom confessed his drug use to her, a fact that was confirmed by the authorities. In addition, sources stated to TMZ that cocaine was in Odom’s system.

On Wednesday, the Nye County Sheriff’s Department obtained a search warrant and drew blood from Odom in the hospital, Sheriff Sharon Wehrly said, adding that the blood will be tested for drugs and suicide has not been ruled out regarding the situation.