Lamar Odom

*The head of the NBA Players Association is speaking out about Lamar Odom’s grim health status, saying polices must be reexamined to ensure no other player suffers a similar fate. Executive director Michele A. Roberts tells TMZ Sports, ”Lamar Odom’s tragedy should not be replicated” … and she’s already working on measures to better help players who suffer with drug addiction.

Roberts revealed that she’s been in contact with Odom’s friends and family, offering to help where there is need – including flying family members to Vegas to assistance in medical counseling.

“Lamar was a member of our family. Anything we can do for him we will do for him,” Michelle said, adding that she has taken the first course of action in helping players with addition get help without hear of losing their job.

“It’s all about trying to be more proactive because Lamar’s tragedy should not be replicated anymore … we know now what can happen and we should do more to try to prevent it.”

As EUR previously reported, Lamar was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel on Tuesday afternoon, and was rushed to Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas where he remains in a coma. PEOPLE reports that he is currently surrounded by family and friends, including the Kardashian women. Former team mate Kobe Bryant is said to be by his bedside, as are his father Joe Odom, and his two children and their mother who Khloé Kardashian arranged to have flown out from New York.

Lamar and Khloe’s divorce was never finalized, so she’s making all his medical decisions. Unfortunately, Lamar never signed a will, so Khloe stands to inherit his entire estate, which is allegedly worth an estimated $50 million.

“He never signed a living will, so Khloé is making decisions for him,” a source close to the family tells PEOPLE. “It’s very stressful. She is lost.”

According to various reports, the former NBA star had been using cocaine on Saturday, employees at the Nevada brothel told 911 dispatchers.

“They’re pretty sure this is goodbye, but they’re praying for a miracle,” said PEOPLE’s source. ”They know that God has the power to heal him, but that’s really the last hope at this point. This is really bad.”